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The prime objective of Blue Manta International Limited is customer satisfaction and we firmly believe that this can only be achieved and maintained by being fully committed to and complying with the requirements of our Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system. Since 2004, we have contracted professional assistance to work with us to ensure the continual improvement and development of our management systems. We now have an easy to understand Quality Management System based on one page flow diagrams and checklists that accurately reflect what we do and how we run our business. The simplified controls and processes are now used and owned by all employees.

In June 2004, we achieved registration to ISO 9001:2000. Achieving registration to ISO 9001: 2000 was straightforward, cost effective and has brought considerable benefits to the business. It has resulted in less documentation and a more transparent business. Since achieving registration our systems, controls and processes have continued to evolve resulting in further improvements within the business.

Blue Manta International Limited is also committed to preventing harm to our employees, visitors and others that may be affected by our business activities. We have worked hard to develop an effective Health and Safety Management System and pride ourselves in the high standards that we have achieved and maintain within our facility. As a demonstration of our commitment to Health and Safety we are currently progressing with the development of a BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 compliant Health and Safety Management System with the ultimate aim of being registered to this standard at the end of 2008. Our progress to date has been achieved through consultation and communication with our employees and by their active participation in the development of the systems, controls and processes.

Another of our goals is to progressively minimise any harm to the environment that may be caused by our business activities. To ensure that this goal is achieved, we are currently developing formal controls and processes in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 with a view to being registered to this standard at the end of 2008. We firmly believe that by following this path, there will eventually be considerable benefits such as cost savings in addition to the progressive reduction in harm to the environment.