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Servicing and Maintenance Calibration

Our skilled technicians can calibrate mechanical, electrical and pressure equipment – whether owned by Blue Manta or the customer – and repair all high pressure equipment including pump systems, air systems and hydraulic systems. All calibration equipment is certified and traceable to national standards.

The service can be provided both on and off site and we offer a 24 hour call out facility within the Aberdeen area. In addition to our internal calibration service, we can also supply calibration equipment and provide training to our client’s workforce on its use. Our sales staff and technicians can advise on all enquiries to ensure the service provided best meets the customer’s needs.

Hydraulic Oil Analysis NAS 6 / ISO 1406

The certification of contamination levels to NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 standards is carried out by our specially trained technicians. Our technicians take fluid samples and prepare a patch on which they can carry out particle counts using a binocular microscope or automatic particle count equipment.

Fabrication and Welding

Our Fabrication and Welding Services are carried out in a fully equipped 5,000m² workshop complete with a 16 tonne overhead crane, a 1 tonne pedestal crane, an Elgar 3006 Hydrashear Guillotine complete with fully automatic backstop capable of handling sheets of metal up to 3m x 6mm and a 150 tonne Pearson Press Machine capable of folding metal up to 3m long.

Our highly skilled Fabrication and Welding team have a wealth of experience and are coded to BS EN 287-1. They can fabricate a range of metals, including stainless steel, mild steel and sheet metal in a choice of finishes in line with DNV and EN-12079 specifications for use both offshore and onshore. Our Fabrication and Welding Team can work together with our CAD Design Team and Engineers to meet customer’s individual specifications and provide a high quality end product.

Water Jet Cutting

During 2012 Blue Manta made a substantial investment in Water Jet Cutting Technology and staff training to reduce our reliance on 3rd party suppliers, and also to speed up the manufacturing of bespoke products for our customers and in-house fabrication shop.
Our advanced waterjet cutting machine allows us to produce complex shapes, in a broad range of materials, to extremely tight tolerances.

Customers can work closely with our in-house Technical Team and CAD experts to produce the required drawings and files for their requirements, prior to the material going to the machine for cutting.
The process also allows for extremely high quality requirements to be met regardless of quantity as waterjet technology cost-effectively produces components to a consistent quality standard.

Machine Shop

Our Engineering Workshop incorporates a Machine Shop with a working area of 400m² which is fully equipped with a range of machinery for use in turning, milling and slotting. Our impressive range of machinery includes two overhead cranes (7.5 tonne and 16 tonne), a KRV3000 CNC Milling Machine and a Butler Precision Tool Room Slotter. We have also recently added a Colchester Mastiff 80” Lathe Machine and a Colchester Triumph 2000 50” Machine to our Machine Shop.

Transport and Storage

Blue Manta International have made a significant investment in their transport fleet during 2017 and that now includes a new Mercedes Articulated lorry and extending trailer with eye-catching decals.
Indeed the unit received an invite to attend a recent local truck festival, and promptly left with a couple of first prized.
Loads of up to 70ft and 40T can now be easily handled and emphasises Blue Manta’s commitment to provide an excellent delivery service, meaning customer requests can be handled promptly and efficiently.

Certification Search

In order to provide our customers with online access to up to date information on our units we have provided a certification download service. Please type in the certification number below.